interactive music piece
by Xavier Bonfill

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The browser version is free to play and works on all devices and platforms.

With the iOS app, you get optimised performance for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, better sound quality (256 m4a) and the exclusive DARK MODE, which allows you to play extranoisy recompositions of the music instead. Plus, you help the artists and "make the world a better place".

A room can be full of sounds, some from within, some from the outside, some that happen by choice, some that happen by chance. The possibilities of their combinations are almost endless, but all sounds can be put together and become music in our minds. 28x28 is a piece made of 28 fragments of 28 seconds each that are combined in a certain order according to a domino game. Nowadays, it feels like 28 seconds is a long time to be doing nothing but listening to a piece of music. However, 28 seconds are not enough even for replying to a text message or checking your Facebook feed. So relax, listen, and have yourself some fun, because all work and no play will make you a dull boy/girl.

Composition by Xavier Bonfill

Visual design by Tony Martínez

Developed by Frederic Font

Music performed by Víctor De La Rosa, Lea Han, Irene Bianco, Pernille Kristiansen, Paulina Storbacka, Jenny Lüning, Vilius Daskevicius & Xavier Bonfill.

Strings recorded by Weronika Wierzba.

Other recordings, mix & mastering by Xavier Bonfill.

Composed, designed, produced & developed in Copenhagen, Barcelona & Amsterdam: 2014-2016.

With support from Fundació Phonos /

UPF Barcelona & OSIC / Generalitat de Catalunya.